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Chris Myers
Chris is well known for his innovation and his strong leadership. Need proof? He once commanded a seven-man team that functioned with such skill and efficiency as to outperform groups three times their size. This team was entrusted with the highest profile jobs and quickly established themselves as the core of the company. It sounds like the legend of an elite ninja squad but that's business-as-usual with Chris.

As principal of SHIFT, Chris brings thirteen years of architectural experience to the table. After graduating from Arizona State University, he began his career with Randall Ewers & Associates, managing a multitude of diverse and unique projects, both commercial and residential. He has ten years of developing, implementing, and managing projects, and most recently, he held the position of Senior Project Manager at K&I Architects. It was here that in transitioning the firm from AutoCAD to Revit, he demonstrated the creativity and adaptability that you will experience working with SHIFT. He not only managed the team that created and implemented the process but did so while forging an atmosphere of teamwork and productivity. Chris is ready to use these skills and more as he guides you down the path to Revit mastery.
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Rueben Amado
You know those lauded few who begin their careers sweeping floors but through sheer drive and determination climb their way to the upper echelons of a company? That would be Rueben. Well, OK, perhaps he wasn’t sweeping any floors but he really did begin his career green and at the very bottom. Fortunate enough to land a job with a company that was eager to teach, Rueben was eager to learn and has built his decade long career from the ground up to become an expert in his field; from grasshopper to guru. It took motivation and hard-work to achieve this and these two characteristics are still representative of his work ethic today.

Rueben’s career has spanned three very different companies, each of which had varying ideas and attitudes. Prior to making the move to principal at SHIFT, he was a Project Manager at K&I Architects where he managed numerous commercial projects, helped with the completion of multi-family projects, and of course, became proficient in Revit. From all of them he gained valuable knowledge and insight, and along with the technical knowledge and experience.
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